Friday, March 03, 2006

While the rest of the world population is sound asleep ...

According to the BBc

Gangs 'kill freely' in Iraq chaos

"Hundreds of bodies showing signs of torture or execution arrive at the Baghdad mortuary each month, a senior UN official has told the BBC."

While ....

"Kurdish and Sunni Arab leaders are unhappy with Mr Jaafari, and have said they will not join a national unity government with him at its head."

I feel guilty just by living a normal life knowing that many people in Iraq are not. I feel pangs of conscience everytime I receive a paycheck or purchase an airline ticket. Despite the fact that probably the most I could do is Blog. While our "Leaders" are bickering like children on a piece of pie.

I suggest that our leaders live outside the Green Zone, so that they can appreciate the seriousness of the situation there. Meanwhile they live in the Green Zone as though they are living in a foreign country. Maybe then they would make security a priority over bickering. Which brings us to the next question. Does the Iraq Government have the ability to stop the violence? If the answer is No, then that only makes me want to write the next post.

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