Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Damn Conspiracy Theories

I find that it is common amongst the average person to brush off most things they hear/read on the internet as being Conspiracy Theories (a label also used by mass media). I find that behaviour odd personally. However understandable considering that the media programs an individual's way of thinking.

For example just like the two extra frames that the Pentagon released to show us the "airplane" crash on 9/11 recently. When CNN reported on it, they labelled the point of view which says that the Pentagon attack was staged as being a Conspiracy Theory. They brushed it off as being an old wives tale. Something absord. While that same reporter couldn't even spot the plane in the extra added frame.

Why is it so hard to believe that a government could conspire? After all didn't they lie? We know they lie, we know they plan, and we know that they are very well capable of conspiring. After all they have enormous methods and means to do so.

We only think it is far fetched because we are programmed by the media to think that way. We are programmed by the media to think that the world of politics is what you see is almost what you get. In fact it is the exact opposite. What you see is nothing but a show.

Below is another so called Conspiracy maybe. However, I am sure people will believe this one. Since MSNBC is telling us it is ok to do so.

Friday, June 09, 2006


What does Landing on the Moon, Abu Mosaab Al-Zarqawi, Osama Bin Laden, and 9/11 all have in common?

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Boogie Man no longer needed

First of all I do apologize in advance for this post. It will be more of a thinking out loud than a proper article with a point to make.

It is funny I posted a piece just a few days ago about Zarqawi. It was the last post before this one. Feel free to check it out. I just heard on the news that he has been killed. A few days after I noticed how he has become useless to the media and the US mission. Has there been too many questions regarding him being a fictisous character?

I think I am really getting the hang of reading politics of the media or through the media. It is amazing how much you can find out just by following the news only from a "birdseye view" if you will.

It is like reading the news a month or so before Hariri was assasinated. Syria was all over the news from supporting the Iraqi insurgency to Lebanon and Hizbollah.

I wonder what this means? Does it mean that the US genuinly wants to secure Iraq? I believe that not until 2008 will Iraq see peace. So I have to wonder why are we hearing about this now?
Of course listening to Bush and Blair they imply clearly that things will not change. Maybe all this means is that they were losing support, and needed a boost to keep public pressure under control?

I also have to wonder about timings. Timing is crucial in understanding world politics and what is really going on. Firs the Canadian terror plot. Now a sign of success agains the "War on Terror". I can certainly foresee that a coillision of Western Puppet Nations (US , Britain and now Canada thanks to the new Conservative Government) will only escalate matters in the short coming future. Canada is already taking many steps in that direction. Unless the Canadian people stop Harper and his Right Wing staunch US Allies they will be dragging their country into a conflict they don't need to be part of.

However with NDP parliment members using ignorant phrases like "They hate our freedom"or if Candians allow themsleves to get brain washed by the media, then Canada will wake up one day not realizing that they have become just like their neighbour to the south. Electing an official who has brought his country no benifet. An official who has lied to his country over and over only to go into one war after another. What do the Americans really gain from a war that serves Israel? Why should a mother living in Ohio send her only son to die for a country like Israel?

Sunday, June 04, 2006


So whatever happened to Al-Zarqawi? Is he not useful anymore?
I guess sort of like Bin Laden after the invasion of Afghanistan. Bin Laden is now like an old once famous actor. Lets say William Shatner or something. He is now only useful in guest appearances from time to time.

Oh the timing! What does the future hold for you Oh Canada?

Timing is an important part of world politics. Often I find that asking the question of how come it just happened now? Can help you find the answer as to why something happens. We were told this morning that the Canadian police found out about a terrorist plot in and around Toronto.

I just can't help but wonder ... Why did September 11 attacks happen when Bush became president? Why not during the Clinton Administration? Why not 3 years into Bush's presidency? How come it happened when G. W. Bush's ratings were low? How come it happened when the life of his two daughters was under the microscope often on TV. How come it happened when there was a comic TV show just airing about Bushisims? Those shows which he had expressed displeasure about.

So timing can often answer several questions. Then comes another question, how come the Madrid attacks happened just before the Spanish elections? At a time when the opposition clearly expressed its intention to withdraw troops from Iraq? That was during the first year of the war.

Today! In Canada, I can't help but ask the "Why now?" question again. Why now Canada? How come it happens when Stephen Harper is the prime minister? Can Canada be turning into another United States? Can the Canadian government be playing the same trick the US government so skillfully played?

I mean look at the wars the US is waging. Even a controversial war like the invasion of Iraq still has support and backing. There are still some idiots out there who utter words like "We have to support our troops". "The military is protecting our democracy". "They hate our democracy and freedom". The 9/11 attacks were nothing but a ploy to give the US government more freedom in executing its long terms plans.

Moreover, just like the United States government needed public support. What it needs now is allied support. Now Stephen Harper is on the US bandwagon. We can slowly see Canada turn into another US.

I told a friend of mine not too long ago about how I can see Canada slowly turning into the US. How the CBC is airing shows covering the Canadian mission in Afghanistan. A mission which is far from being peaceful. They conduct daily assaults. The Canadian army is but another Arm supporting the USA. While the US army is stretched out in war torn Iraq.

Why this morning Canada? Why do you think that a terrorist plot was foiled under Stephen Harper's clock? You have to ask that question.

This blog is about finding out the truth. To find out the truth there are useful tools. The tools of the skeptics. Why? Where? Who? And How?

- Who benefits most from an event/conflict?
- How come it happens now and not 5 years ago? What if it happened 5 years later?
- What was in the news 10 days ago? 5 days ago? What is the news media really trying to tell you? Every story can be told in 100 ways. Each way will have its influence on the reader. One of sympathy, or to insight fear and hatred. Depending on how the story will serve steering public opinion.

Harper's government and the people who are pulling his strings want to bring the Canadians on board for another war. I fear the future. For those of you with good memories, lets hope you will remember this post and understand what I am trying to tell you then.