Sunday, November 05, 2006

Saddam's Death Sentence

So finally the death sentence for Saddam has come to pass. I will not discuss the ignorant Arab reaction to it, its legitimacy, nor the politics behind the timings. I am here to propose an alternative death sentence for Saddam, please choose your favorite:

A- Drop him off by helicopter in an undisclosed location and let Iraqis have their way with him

B- Put him in a titanium sealed cage in a public square permitting things like tomatoes,slippers and spit to be hauled but nothing lethal.

C- Put him in a bulletproof glass cage below ground level permitting people to urinate on the porous glass cage eventually filling it up enough for Saddam to drown in it.

D- None of the above, please provide your own preferred method using the comment section.

In conclusion, there is nothing that we can do to Saddam that will bring back the people he killed, nor the injustice he created. Yet death by hanging is not enough for a man like him. I do apologize if this post sounds immature or vulgar. However the intent is to engage the Iraqi and non-Iraqi reaction to the sentence. If you think that Saddam has been wronged, please comment and tell us why.