Saturday, March 01, 2008

The Gaza attacks

After following the slaughter of the Palestinian people in Gaza and reading the BBC news post dated "Saturday, 1 March 2008" entitled " New Israeli raids on Gaza kill 32"; I had to post the following comments to the BBC. However, since I know these comments will be lost in a digital trash can, I will post them here lest a few more people get to read it.

More often than not the BBC is thought to be a liberal news broadcasting company. However, in today's world an independent news casting corporation does not exist. For the average reader it may not be apparent how biased the news reporting - especially choice of words - is. However, a closer look into the article gives you a better understanding. I personally loved what the table subsection, listing a group of events as headlines had to say:

Just below (in blue) is a pasted text version of the table:


At least 32 Palestinians killed in overnight raids
Ashkelon activates warning system after rocket hits
Four Palestinian children and seven militants killed
Six-month-old Palestinian boy and six militants killed
Israeli civilian killed in Sderot

While below is the comment letter written to the BBC

What a ludicrous account of events. The language used in this post are appalling. "More than 60 Palestinians and one Israeli have been killed in the violence since Wednesday.". Would it be more appropriate to say "More than 60 Palestinians have died while only one Israeli was killed since Wednesday?" Isn't that closer to the facts on the ground?

It is also amazing how amongst all the casualties listed they are either classified as children or Militants? Are there no non-militant Palestinian adults living in Gaza at all? Has the strip been evacuated from all Palestinian residents and replaced with militants over night while the BBC was sleeping?

I love this one:
" ISRAEL-HAMAS ATTACKS " table of of events lists last week's events as they "escalate". It seems Friday was the bloodiest, and I quote "Friday:
Ashkelon activates warning system after rocket hits
". My heart shivers knowing that the warning system was activated.

It seems that Europe has once again turned a blind eye on yet another Holocaust. You are the BBC I am sure you know about the statements made by the senior Israeli defense official. Regardless if you chose not to publish.

Finally, I have no doubt these comments will never be seen by anyone's eyes but your staff. Never the less I have a conscience and therefore have a duty towards the Palestinian victims.