Thursday, August 10, 2006

Globe and Mail Comment Section

This is why we have a war in Lebanon

This Averbach fellow writes "Marlee H. #2 - not that I think anyone on this post can have their minds changed but Israel first started dropping notices of their intent on villages at the very begining of the war. Perhaps you remember the pictures of the residents, (all young males), ripping them up in contempt. Now frankly if I were a member of Hezbollah I too would have ripped up those messages in contempt to show how macho I was. The difference between me and them is that I would have sent my family and especially my children away instead of using them as sheilds." in response to Marlee's comments "Mr. Moderator, perhaps you can post this message, not sure why mine aren't getting posted - is it because I'm against the dropping of bombs, and I'm not sounding pro-Israel as the media would like us all to be? Thank Goodness Israel is dropping more leaflets to let people know they're going to be dropping more bombs.....shame the people can't go anywhere though, given the devastation of their bombs in the area. Also nice to see that they are planning to bomb the only road left for people to get out, this madness has got to stop. This supposedly is to keep Hezbollah from getting more missiles, perhaps then we should ensure the US can't get any more ammunition through to Israel to make the playing fields fair. And for all those worried about nuclear warheads coming from Iran, this is what the government wants us to believe when in actual fact Israel has 200 nuclear warheads at its disposal already, let's hope the US Government doesn't authorise Israel to use them "

Look at the text in red. This is why we have a war. Because such outrageous accusations made about the Lebanese people (whom some of you know as Hizbollah instead) as if they are not human. If Israel comes to terms with the fact that Non-Israelis are humans too, we would not have a war.

So Hizbolla do not love their children now do they? Of course not!!! They are not humans. How can you be a human being if you are fighting the Israelis?