Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Damn Conspiracy Theories

I find that it is common amongst the average person to brush off most things they hear/read on the internet as being Conspiracy Theories (a label also used by mass media). I find that behaviour odd personally. However understandable considering that the media programs an individual's way of thinking.

For example just like the two extra frames that the Pentagon released to show us the "airplane" crash on 9/11 recently. When CNN reported on it, they labelled the point of view which says that the Pentagon attack was staged as being a Conspiracy Theory. They brushed it off as being an old wives tale. Something absord. While that same reporter couldn't even spot the plane in the extra added frame.

Why is it so hard to believe that a government could conspire? After all didn't they lie? We know they lie, we know they plan, and we know that they are very well capable of conspiring. After all they have enormous methods and means to do so.

We only think it is far fetched because we are programmed by the media to think that way. We are programmed by the media to think that the world of politics is what you see is almost what you get. In fact it is the exact opposite. What you see is nothing but a show.

Below is another so called Conspiracy maybe. However, I am sure people will believe this one. Since MSNBC is telling us it is ok to do so.

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