Friday, March 03, 2006

How long does a Super Power need to restore Security?

Well I can do what CNN does and bring a panel of experts and ask them questions. However, since I don't have the funding nor the resources I will just use common sense. To be able to answer that question let us look at similar situations across the globe. Going back in time ... We are lucky enough to find many similar situations which we can draw parallels from.

We have Afghanistan and Somalia amongst several others. So how long did it take the US to bring security back to those countries? Well the answer is infinity. That's right, both of those countries are still unsecure. Which makes you wonder, is it possible that the US Super Power is unable to secure a small nation(relatively) like Iraq?

Maybe it just doesn't want to. I have written an e-mail prior to the start of Occupation Iraq in 2003. I had predicted the outcome of the US intervention and what could come out of it. At a time where most Iraqis were optimistic. I think it is worth noting that Iraqis were thinking with their emotions rather than using their logic. Most of them wanted Saddam so bad that they decided to cling to the straw that is the US promise.

[ based on the saying: A drowning person would try to keep afloat even by clinging to a straw ]
or am I mixing up proverbs? If I am , I don't think that George Bush is better than I, and I quote:
"There's an old saying in Tennessee — I know it's in Texas... [doubt] probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on ... [pause and doubt]... shame on you. Fool me [doubt and confusion].. {Mumbles}When you're fooled, you can't get fooled again."

In my forecast I said that Iraqis shouldn't expect life after Saddam to get any better. I wasn't able to forecast lawlessness. I did think that Civil War would breakout. I imagined that many people would die as a result. I did think that people would suffer long term health hazards due tenvironmentalapollutionon caused by Military intervention and Weapons (Depleated Uranium .. etc). It was easy to make predictions as all I had to do is look at the US other example (Afghanistan). I was right ... Iraq has become another Afghanistan ...

The United States Government and Military Officers are not stupid or short sighted. A common minconception oftereferreded to by some news sources. Stating that the US had made miscalculation in Iraq or that they have made mistakes. They haven't, they are having things the way they want them.

Lawlessness serves the US Military machine. After all most targets are Iraqi Civilians and not US camps. All pro-war factions that control the US Government (US Military, Oil Tycoons, Big Corporations, and Zionists) albenefitet from a war torn Iraq.

In fact if the US really intends to restore security and have made a mistake, you would think that by now they would figure out what a commoner like me figured out. Securing the boarders and then Collecting arms and weaponry. No attempts have been made to conduct such efforts. In three years, even you can bring lawfulness to the Animal Kingdom.

Of course many people would argue this point ... Sure lets argue. Lets say it is "not that easy" There is more to it. They have made mistakes ... etc. Better yet, lets say they can't. Well then the next best thing to do is GET OUT! At least that way Iraqis will take it out on each other. Which is bound to happen sooner or later. Only this way, it will be sooner and thus bringing the light at the end of the tunnel closer as well.

Finally, I hope that there aren't any more optimists out there thinking that things will get better based on the Status Quo. The only way things can get better is through change.

As for what that change might be? Welthat'sts a whole different post, maybe even many posts.

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