Thursday, March 16, 2006

Iraqi PM 'prepared to step down'

Iraqi PM 'prepared to step down'

Even though I have no reason to disrespect Al-Jaafari , but I have to wonder how many lives will it take for someone to give up his seat? The longer it takes to form a government the more time those bickering over seats give for the seeds of civil war to be planted. Mind you I have little faith even in a formed government that it has any power or influence. The fate of Iraq is in the hands of its people.

Maybe Saddam was more popular than we thought he was. It is either that or Iraqis hate foreign occupation so much that they can would form a coalition with the Devil to fight the occupation. Either way, The unrest in Iraq is not done through "insurgency" or a minority of foreign Arabs from Syria, Saudi Arabia and Sudan. These are extremely well organized efforts penetrating every level of Government and society. With that said the same questions asked 3 years ago are still valid:

- Why aren't the borders secured yet?
- How long does it take the United States Army to secure a country?
- How long does it take for the United States to learn from its so called "mistakes" ?
- Is the United States Government in dire need of Project Managers? Does the US need PMI courses? Surely, they had a goal, project schedule , dealines to meet?
- What will it take for Iraqis to think in isolation of their emotions ?
- Is it not clear for us to see that the US doesn't want to secure the country?
- Is it not obvious that the US might have an agenda beyond that which it advertises?
- Is it not obvious that the future of Iraq lies in the hands of Iraqis?
- Is it not obvious that supporting a local tribe leader, religious leader, or ethnic represntative only paves the way for a divide and eventually a Civil war?
- Is it not obvious that no one benefits from market bombings and kidnappers?
- Aren't the obstacles in Iraq's way to security well defined?
- Isn't the bickering between Government officials childish?
- Do you really want someone who is more concerned about his seat to take care of your affairs?
- Who benefits from Civil war and violence between Iraqis? The answer is clearly not Iraqis, then the next question is vital
- Why are Iraqis so stupid to allow themselves to be manipulated by anyone and everyone?

Iraqi is on the brink of Civil war. Regardless of what the optimists might say. Optimists are not in touch with reality. Iraq is already socially divided. The Media (from CNN to Al-Jazeera) has been brain washing us with phrases like "Sunni Triangle" since day one. No one was able to see those signs. Not even now. Its a conspiracy and everyone from Bush to Al-Jazeera, to the Ghost of Zarqawi are conspiring against you and me.

Only YOU can change that.

The starting point is simple:

A- Identify all the obstacles(foreign intervention, baseless killing of Iraqis and other civilians, sectarian, ethnic, and separatist politics) without daemonizing any groups.
B- Start with yourself. Change your attitude. Most likely you are someone in need of it.
C- Speak out every time you see something wrong.
D- Keep asking for positive change.

Finally most likely, my words will not echo very far. We will find that a year from Iraq will look like a country swept by Mongol invaders a hundred times in both directions.

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