Thursday, March 30, 2006

Status Quo is good enough.

I was looking at some documentaries on the web last night and I came across this interesting piece about the CIA's operations. Here is what an Ex-CIA agent had to say:

"After the Oct crisis of 1962, Kennedy said that we would never physically invade the island(Cuba) if Khrushchev would remove the ballistic missiles. So therefore, the US was forced into a policy of trying to bring Castro down. Which meant disrupting the lifestyle of the Cuban citizen, doing whatever we could to sabotage the economy to discredit the revolution. One way of doing that of course was trying to control the amount of food coming into Havana, before distribution to the public and if we could do that by puncturing tires for a truck loaded with tomatoes for the market or if we could cause a truck of fresh food meat, or Milk, to be contaminated on the way into town. And I remember one particular instance where a brand new secondary school that has opened up in the country side was going to receive its week supply of fresh milk we bribed the driver of the truck, we knew where he stopped to have breakfast on his route we wanted him to take a few extra minutes so we could put cement powder in the milk. We declared war on school children, that shouldn't be the policy of US government.
We don't win friends and influence people that way declaring war on children and innocent civilians , a big mistake
but the US government orders it and participates in it and CIA's goal eventually was to increase frustration to the point where there will be a civil revolution within Cuba to bring him down

What is interesting to note is how such operations can easily be seen happening in a place like Iraq today. Things like lack of security and electricity.

Of course this won't be new to anyone. I strongly believe that the US doesn't want to have a secure Iraq. Whether is it participating in the bombings or not is not news to most people. What most people don't agree on however, is that since the US Government administration says that they want a stable democratically elected government; that means that they really do mean it. They say that the reason Iraq is not stable is because of the insurgency.

I believe that if the US government wants security and stability things will be in a much better shape if not totally secure. This is an indicator that the US would rather maintain the status quo in Iraq.

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