Thursday, October 25, 2007

Turtles Can Fly ....

I just finished watching "Turtles can fly" and I wish I have something intelligent to say. But I really don't. Its just a sad movie which makes you wonder how many such children in the world do live such lives. Its a movie worth watching, though I was hoping it would have a more political view. Maybe stir some thought and soul searching. It does show you that there is injustice/cruelty in the world. However, it really doesn't point a finger to anyone or anything. At least nothing that I was able to pick up. There might be a slight finger pointing when they mention that the mines in the mine field are US made or Italian made. Of course there is also a short scene about Saddam's crimes in Halabache . Maybe that was the purpose. Not to point fingers. Maybe the point is to say that we are all responsible. That these are the effects of war whomever is waging it. I was talking to two Red Cross workers last night and the past few weeks. All these conversations make me feel helpless and hopeless. If an organization such as the Red Cross hasn't been able to stop bloodshed and cruelty in this world, how can one person do that? Sure, the answer is not to quit. I have no doubt that changing one person's life is worth the effort. But still ... world poverty, wars, an inhumanity will always be there.

I seem to think that if everything on earth was transparent , like why is the U.S waging war on Iraq or Afghanistan, then no one will stand behind the Bush regime, Jewish Lobby, Arms industry and Oil tycoons. They will be standing on their own in one corner and the rest of the world on the other. But "Complete" - My Red Cross worker friend , thinks otherwise.

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