Friday, September 15, 2006

Conspiracy Theorist

Yet Again! This Conspiracy Theorist (myself) is uttering nonsense. I was reading not too long ago about the European mission to the moon. This gave me (and all other free thinkers) more ammunition to challenge the Apollo Moon landings.

WHAT? Some may ask. "What are you uttering this time? What about the moon landing? I mean surely Iraq, Afghanistan, even September 11th we can understand. What does the moon landing have to do with all of this? You are truly a conspiracy theorist with a lot of time on your hands".

Yes Dear reader, the moon landing might have just been another lie. The US. Government has had experience in lying prior to Iraq 2003 , believe it or not.

Actually I started reading about the Moon landing right before I started this Blog. It dawned on me back then to what extent deception has been fabricated in the past.

So what am I talking about now? Well, I simply will suggest to the reader that the Moon landings never occurred. At least no Man has ever done that. The reasons for my doubt:

- The technology back in 1961 (When Kennedy announced intent to land on the man) to 1969 when Apollo 11 and Neil Armstrong was supposed to have landed on the moon , simply was not adequate. As a matter of fact it is probably not adequate now to do so either.

- The track record of other US missions during the space race was worse than the Soviet's in terms of disasters.

- The Politics involved and secrecy till this day.

- Other reasons and incidents that raise a question mark, like the deaths of many of the Apollo personal.

Of course most people who read this post will not feel compelled to believe anything. That is simply because I don't intend to present any argument yet. At this time all I am suggesting to the reader is to consider the possibility, do some research, and then come back later and read my next Moon Landing post.

For now I will leave you with this quote from the BBC and then a question to ponder:

""So far in Europe we have demonstrated landing on a body with an atmosphere successfully, on Titan, and there are several reasons for the failure we had on Mars.

"On the Moon there is no atmosphere; you need a fully controlled landing, so your orbital velocity has to be reduced with a chemical engine. At the moment we do not have all this technology completely available in Europe, so this is what has to be developed."

How can the U.S approximately 40 years ago was able to send a man to the moon during the height/towards the end of the Vietnam war (suggesting expenditure) while Europe during peace time armed with 40 years worth of Technology only managed to Crash a probe on the moon?

The alleged computer on board Apollo 11 had 32k of memory, not enough to run any meaningful program to calculate and analyze data to help the Pilot balance the Lunar Module upon Landing and take off. Which means that the pilot would have had to do that manually. Only there is no atmosphere(air) on the moon to support Avionics. In other words nothing a pilot has learnt on Earth really applies on the Moon. Nor would any aircraft on earth work on the Moon.

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Anonymous said...

Did NASA Really go to the Moon?

Yes they did but here is a slightly different, if unscientific take on why I think they did. I was there. Not there on the moon but I listened to Neil Armstrong going down the ladder on the school’s PA system, sitting in the school playground looking up at the moon while it all happened. We watched the TV footage that night and saw our first steps on another planet. It was out of this world, because it wasn’t this world. Humanity was briefly as one. You can’t take that away from us.

Faking things wasn’t easy in those days. There was no Photoshop, no CGI animation, nowhere on planet earth looked remotely like where the Astronauts bounced awkwardly around in wearing those cumbersome suits in bright sunlight without blue sky.

Look at the best sci-fi movies that came out after the moon shots and the space scenes look so clunky today. Look at the stills the Astronauts took with their Hasselblads – a clarity digital photography can’t achieve to this day, photos of a world where erosion has never been known.

Think of how 21 Astronauts and many thousands of NASA employees would have had to maintain total silence of a colossal fraud. We humans are not the best at keeping secrets.

This was the height of the cold war, the space race. The Russians could never have let American Astronauts prove themselves over Russian Cosmonauts by faking a moon landing. They knew NASA made it or they would have had an Absolut field day.

Compared to getting into earth orbit, landing on the moon with such low gravity is a breeze. Yes, deceleration is required, but not much from a relatively low orbital velocity. Neil Armstrong spent several minutes just hovering, taking his time to find the best landing spot. He used up every scrap of his fuel allowance in the process.

There are also the radio seismometers left behind, the mirrors placed for earth based laser measurements, the rocks brought back.

So, I think faking a moon landing convincingly in 1969 and having thousands of people and their families and friends keep the secret for 37 years is inconceivable and would have been a far greater feat than reaching the moon itself. We’re a lazy bunch, so we took the easy way out, went there and brought back a few rocks and photos to prove it.

Peter Jenkins