Monday, February 20, 2006

To speak or not to speak ...

Here is a what's on BBC news online this morning:
"British historian David Irving has pleaded guilty in a court in Vienna to charges of denying the Holocaust."

Is it irony that David Irving's freedom to speak will ultimatly curb his freedom behind bars? Its a good thing that this trial has been going on during the outrage of Muslims over the infamous cartoons. Which of course if anything, highlightes Western hypocricy and double standards. One doesn't need to look too far or do too much research to find out that their proclaimed freedom of speech is not that free after all. The only freedom one has is to insult those with no power or influence. In this case of course being the Muslims.

It is interesting to notethe following according to the BBC :

Czech Republic

The Arabs don't make it to the "top 10" if you will quite often. However one thing I find better in the Arabic society than Western cultures is their political awareness. In other words, they know that desptie all the mumbo jumbo that is broadcast in their news or printed in their newspapers that it is all lies. They don't trust their local news, they don't trust their governments and they know that things are not as they seem.

Unfortunatly, western countries exploit this matter. North Americans live their lives in denial thinking that their press will expose conspiracies, corruption and bad apples of society.

Let me tell you , I would rather be lied to and know it. Then to live in denial of being used and manipulated while I am under the impression that I am free and in control.

Do we rather have known enemies or back stabbing friends?

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