Friday, May 06, 2005

Planet Earth is not for You

As the title might suggest, I don't feel that I live in a world that is good enough to sustain life for everyone on it. It used to be that people were able to live in total seclusion from the rest of humanity in past times. I am afraid that this is not possible anymore. This world has become so small due to advancement in technology and peoples migration. A person is able to complete half a circle around the world in less than a day of flying using commercial air travel. Events occurring in one part of the earth is reported within minutes to any other spot provided that the news media decideds to report on it. Of course this is clear for everyone to see. What used to be a country in ancient times is now a city.What used to be a city is now a village. Thus everything is in constant convergence. This is why people should be concerned.
From today onwards anything that happens anywhere is in our backyard. People reading this will think of Sept 11th. I have my own thoughts on that which will be dismissed by many as (Conspiracy theory). Which is a great way for politicians and their puppet media(or for the media and their puppet politicians) to tell people not to listen to something.
I am not here to preach but to write down my thoughts and its up to people reading to build upon them or at least to get them thinking.
My main focus is on injustices that are happening daily around the world. I am concerned about how a small group (compared to the world's population) of people can effect the lives of so many. How the very corrupt few can wreck havoc onto the lives of Millions. There is a great possibility that you are not part of that small group. You are but a number they consider an element in their possession. This is your life I am talking about. It is your rights I am talking about. It is your well being and that of your children and grand children.
Am I the only one who thinks this way? Not at all, many people are seeing what I see and are doing something about it. We may not share the exact same views. However, we are all concerned about the well being of our fellow humans. We all try to let the truth be known as we know it and get to know it. Actually the people I am referring to are doing a lot more than I am. I am merely writhing while sitting on my chair at an end of a workday. Many of whom are respected writers like Naom Chomsky, Robert Fisk, and Naomi Klein to name a few.
What do I think is the ultimate solution to the problem at hand and a catastrophy in the making?Knowledge! It is that simple. If every human knew everything being planned and conspired against him/her or someone else, then no one will sit still knowing the injustices that are going on.
The rules of life are simple, to live and let live. In order for one person to prosper he/she needs the help of fellow humans. You cannot live in this world alone. Therefore, if you decide to become selfish and do what you "feel like" doing. Then someone stronger could feel like cutting off your head. Thus in the short term humanity will cease to exist. From there comes the notion of a community. A group of people respecting each other and each other's rights and needs; thus respecting that of the community as a whole. Acting as a single unit, what is good for the individual is that which is good for the community.

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Anonymous said...

By saying what is good for the individual is good for the community, you are saying that the sum of the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The biggest assumption you make is that the "parts" or individuals act autonomously and rationaly, which does not exist in this world. At least not this side of the world. The problem is that the media, etc. sells you the thoery of the greatest good. The greatest good from their perspective: "You have to maximize the good for yourself, your country, your children.." at any cost. How else do you justify wars? The utilitarian theory states, it is the greater good for the greater number. Or in some instances, it is the greatest good for the richest most powerful number. How can individuals stand on their own and make decisions when they are part of communities that constantly bombard them with useless information that keeps them occupied from really appreciating what is important in life?